Bee Weight Loss

How the Honey Diet Works

The long and short of the honey diet is that substituting honey for all other sugars will help you lose weight. Therefore, instead of sugar in your coffee, use honey. Instead of making your pralines with high fructuse corn syrup, try a little bee juice instead. .

Honey DietBeekeeping has been a hallmark of civilization since Biblical times. Evidence of beehives goes back to antiquity. More surprisingly, honey found in Egyptian tombs is still edible, despite spending thousands of years in the presence of the mummified. Recent research shows that honey has many antibacterial properties (which were known to ancient and alternative doctors for some time) and now "super honey" is being recommended for wound care due to the bacteriocidal and healing effects of the material. As a weight loss substitute for sugar, it only makes sense to go back to a substance that is wholly endorsed by Winnie the Pooh.

Honey Diet Plan Book

An upcoming book about the honey diet plan goes into further detail about what else the diet entails, and fans of dietary movements will notice some familiar tropes built into the fine print. Dieters are expected to forego refined carbohydrates, avoid all carbs once weekly, and ditch potatoes while switching to meats, vegetables, and fruits. Some astute thinkers out there may note that just making this switch, honey or not, is going to have a positive impact. However, the substitution of sweetener choices makes sense considering that sucrose and other complex sugars pack a lot more fattening potential. Furthermore, the addictive nature of sweets can create a tolerance over time. Your author can attest to the personal experience of giving up soft drinks for a month and then being unable to drink them because now they taste far too sweet.

Why It Makes Sense

The honey weight loss plan for a lot of different reasons. For one, you will become a lot more conscious of the foods you are eating if you have to pick honey over sugar, and this may even get you thinking about foregoing sweeteners altogether. Since there aren't any honey-sweetened colas, pastries made with nothing but honey, or candy bars made out of it, your caloric intake is going to plunge pretty quickly. Outside of the substitution angle, a heightened consciousness of food consumption, and weight, often leads to the mindset necessary for taking other steps like exercising and moderating indulgences.